Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Show Me A Good Time

That Drake song is swirling in my head, well, mostly the chorus "How did I end up here with you? After all the things that I've been through.......show me a good time". I've noticed, I may have messed up the song a bit and clearly skipped a few versus but this song has been in my head for day. Mostly because my boyfriend gets ready for work to this song and a various other songs but because honestly, it's kind of the soundtrack to my life. Despite kind of being on outs with my boyfriend (I just loving saying that word since I've never had an official boyfriend), I'm having a good time even though he's being a butthole right now, whether or not this relationship is short or extremely long, I know that my ride with him will be fun and overall good.

Though, even though I know this, I have my doubts. I wonder when the thrill of the chase is gone will I be chasing for a thrill? I'm kind of sounding like Carrie Bradshaw right now but you get what I'm saying....when you're not in a relationship and exclusively dating ONE person, you're hoping, sweating that that person asks you out, does that person likes you as much as you like him, when will he call? All that jazz, there are times when I still wonder when he'll call but I know that he'll call when he's good and ready, I know he's going to want to see me no matter what, no matter how grumpy I'm towards him or vice versa, we both know we enjoy each other's company. It does make me wonder, when does it all fizzle out? In a week, month, year? Decades?

I wish I had a crystal ball so I could tell the future.


  1. I really need to go and stalk that song because Drake is a ninja! LOVE HIM

  2. at your comment to me, I usually run about 2 miles when I run but its been so hot that I've had to postpone some of my training because I'd just faint out there!

    also, that whole thing is part of dating until you do become pretty serious. Even still, you'll still get that thrill different times throughout a serious relationship. Like, I still sometimes get butterflies when I'm getting ready to go out with my boy, or when he's showing off the song I wrote for his family, and stuff like that. Just enjoy it and don't think too much! : )


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