Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tooting the Horn

Okay, I have to complain about this, I've been holding my silence far too long on this issue because I spend majority of my time thinking: if I complain about this, I seem vain. But I am vain and sadly this is a legit issue.

Why do I continuously get hit on at work? Nothing is more annoying to me than me trying to get my work done and some guy is making some skeezy joke. I mean the great thing is, hey, guys usually do whatever I want them to do like carry my stuff, drive me places that is completely out of the way, that's awesome, I like that part. I do NOT like when I walk into an office and some OLD ass man (like 35) is like "Is that your name? Omg, I love you.". Swear, some guy said that, the most awkward two moments of my life, I know he was kidding about the I love you part, I'm vain not delusional but from what my coworkers say "oh no, he likes you". Or when another man walks into my office saying, "So glad you work here, finally a good looking girl." I'm sorry but that's embarrassing, my whole day at work was spent being the butt of my coworkers' jokes all effing day or whenever the man shows up into my office and creepily stare at me.

NOT to sound vain but EW men, let me work in peace, let me get my damn dinner in peace, LET ME WALK TO WORK IN PEACE. In retrospect, leave me the fuck alone.

That is all.

Does anybody get annoyed by getting hit on at work? I mean there is a time and place for that. It's called the club.


  1. ugh, i Completely know what you mean! some guy came in the other night and literally right in the middle of talking to me paused then started going into how beautiful he thought i was. um, you're almost twice my age, ew?

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  3. HAHAHA! SO TRUE!! Getting hit on at the gym is just as bad. Let me work out in PEACE!


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