Monday, July 28, 2014

Meet the Parents

I've been gone for about a good minute and I have a pretty good excuse. My life has gone from socially impaired to socially impaired with a social life. Being in a relationship definitely has a lot of unwritten rules that I didn't know about. If you didn't notice from my previous posts, I've been in "relationships" but ones that couldn't count as they didn't last long and I knew they were heading nowhere fast. 

This one, I knew instantly that this one is here to stay, plus he's English with an adorable accent. And with that, comes meeting people. I honestly thought it'd kind of be like Sex and the City where Big honestly didn't meet Carrie's friends for years and come to think of it, he never met her family. What happened to them anyway? Did anybody on that show have family members other than Steve and Charlotte's exes? Not entirely sure. 

So, I was under this false illusion that I was probably never going to meet his friends and family but things changed over this week. I had to meet his family. 

If you've ever met the family of your boyfriend or girlfriend, you realize it's nerve wrecking. Everyone knows that if the family members don't like you, your ass is gone. You can go from in a serious relationship to single after meeting the family. 

Thankfully mine went well after doing some hardcore Googling and interviewing people who have been in my situation, but if you're not into researching like I am then you're in luck, I can help with The Do's and Don'ts to Meeting the Family. 

1. DO ask your partner questions about the meeting. Do they know you're coming? What's the family like? So on and so forth. 
2. DON'T dress like you came off the streets. This is pretty much an interview and you should dress like you're about to go on one. Maybe dress like you're going to church. Tone done your makeup and accessories, look like a decent person. I'm not saying how you dress makes you a decent person, but let's be real over here, you're meeting the family. Everything is important down to your shoes.  
3. DO make sure his family members know about you and things about you ESPECIALLY if you're in an interracial relationship. Your partner may think his family members won't care, he's probably right, but do you want to take the chance of showing up and the family members have the 'WTF is going on' face? No? Me either. Make sure he/she tells them.  
4. DO bring something like wine or chocolate if you're having dinner at their house. 
5. DO help around the house if you're staying over at their house too. You want to make a good impression as I said before, the wrong moves can make you single in a heartbeat. 
6. DON'T lie about what you do or who you are. These aren't people you meet on the street, these are people who are important to your partner so in turn, they're kind of important to you. Lying to them is no Bueno because honestly lying takes a lot of effort. With lying you gotta keep up with the lies and with lying you probably have to write down the lies to keep up with the previous lies. Just be truthful, yo. 
7. DON'T drink. Listen, I know you want to drink, I hear you. If something could call for a drink it would be meeting the parents, but I suggest you don't and for that matter, don't even cuss. My parents would slap the shit out of me if I cussed in front of them (figuratively speaking), so, pay his parents the same respect.  
8. DON'T be all over your boyfriend/girlfriend. A little kiss and hand holding is great, but um, not one person wants to see you guys pretty much have sex in public. Keep that mess in the bedroom plus in his/her parents' eyes, their kid is probably a virgin. The parents probably know the kid isn't, but they like to believe it. Let them believe that myth (if it is one).
9. DO try to be engaging. Nobody says you have to be a stellar conversationalist. It's a nerve wracking situation, but do at least try to talk to them. Try to be friendly, even if you're not. 
10. DO be yourself! Your boyfriend/girlfriend loves or likes you for who you are. So, don't try to be anything but yourself. It kind of goes hand and hand with lying, but sometimes spelling things out for people helps out in the long run. 

Hopefully this will help you impress the family and if they don't like you after you tried then forget it. There are some people who won't like you no matter how hard you try. Be respectful and continue on your way. 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Review of Moonfall

In between my hectic life of enjoying my time at home (and Vegas, oh and D.C.), I’ve gotten a chance to read “Moonfall” by Vanessa Morton and be apart of her Virtual Book tour.

Moonfall is a book that tells a story of Rachav and her twin sister Zaron. Rachav is a 16 year old living in Yericho who drinks the forbidden moon temple wine which results in the death of a priestess. Due to her mistake, the king orders her to serve the queen of the night, which is the LAST thing Rachav wants to do, but her family believes it’ll be good for her plus it’s a high honor, supposedly. At the same time, her twin sister is betrothed to some guy and like her sister, doesn’t want to do it, so they come up with a plan to switch places. Well, things don’t go as planned and now Rachav has to save her sister after uncovering shocking secrets.

Thoughts: This book was very interesting to say the least, when I initially downloaded the book from Netgalley, I expected something else, honestly, I was expecting a love triangle or something of that nature. I was pleasantly surprised that this book mostly focuses on family and I love the lengths that Rachav went to save her family. The book was kind of confusing, as someone who doesn’t know a lot about biblical scriptures, it was a bit hard for me to understand at first but then it all became clear. So, if you're like me and are iffy about books with biblical undertones, this may not be the book for you but I do recommend giving this book a try. I give this book three and a half stars.

If you'd like to know more about the Vanessa Morton, please follow her on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and if you're interested in buying the book on Kindle, head over to Amazon to get the book! Also, if you're interested in joining the virtual book tour, head over to this link to find out more

Thursday, June 5, 2014

She Who Avoids Homework

So, I've been actively avoiding my blog, mostly, I had nothing to blog about. Nobody wants to hear about my English boyfriend because that's what my twitter is for and now I'm actively avoiding my homework. I have it open, I'm looking at it, I've even thought about it twice but the idea of reading about Organizational Change makes me want to fight someone. I even forgot what class I'm in and every time my dad asks me if I'm in class, I blankly look at him and then it dawns on me, I do write something I mildly largely don't give a fuck about every Thursday and Monday. Whatever. Since I'm avoiding homework, I've decided to be a lazy bum and write Random Thoughts Wednesday. I'll write about my vacation to Vegas and DC later. Yes, I'm on vacation. I'm loving it.
  1. People who love to be around people all day confuse me. Don't people largely annoy you? Don't they drain your energy? Weird.
  2. I'm literally about to be 25 in four days and I am the most immature person in the room. I watch Adventure Time like I'm 12, I will beat someone down for a piece of cotton candy. I'm not an adult.
  3. I'm well aware I'm a douchebag, people pointing it out to me doesn't make me less of a douchebag. I'm not going to look myself in the mirror, have an epiphany then change my ways. I've been an asshole for almost 25 years, I'm never changing and if I do change, it'll be so slight you'd prob still think I'm an asshole. 
  4. Slut-shaming and body-shaming should be banned. Women who do both to other women, you should be punched. It's not cool to say 'oh you look so skinny and disgusting' or 'you're a whore because you enjoy sex'. Your opinion of people's personal life does not or will NEVER matter. Mind your own business. Jesh.
  5. People who are flabbergasted that other people don't believe nor want to follow your suck. Once again, your opinion about someone else's personal life will never matter. Don't be upset because someone decided to have an abortion because it's against YOUR religion. It's their body, chances are, they're going through a hard time, be a good person and be there for them. Don't tell them how you wouldn't have an abortion because it's not in God's plan. It's rude and hurtful. 
  6. Since I've bought Beats headphones, I've became more obsessed with Youtube than I've ever been before. I've decided Akilah is my spirit animal and everyone should watch her YouTube channel, fall in love with her like I did. That sounded so creepy but she honestly reminds me of my friend AJ. I miss that broad.
  7. Bitch has to be my favorite word. I don't mean for it to come out but suddenly, I'm talking to my friends, I'm telling a story. Someone tells me something I don't like then I turn around and yell "BITCH, YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE!" Like word? Word.
  8. Is it petty when every time my British boyfriend and I get into a spat, I go "I'm American"?? Probably.
  9. I want a cockapoo or a frenchie so bad. It's insane.
  10. Yesterday I had a dream about french toast, I could taste it on my tongue. I'm just going to go ahead and call it a nightmare, considering I woke up before I could swallow the french toast plus I literally didn't have the ingredients to make french toast later. Fuck. My. Life.
Random? Whatever. I needed to blog and blog like a normal person. I did it, guys. I've conquered something. Gemini nation...wait, what?