Saturday, May 3, 2014

Crystal Ball, Show Me My Future

After I've decided to just up and quit the Air Force in a few years, I've realized quite sad that I have to come up with a backup plan (no, becoming a trophy wife isn't apart of it). I know, a backup plan, a backup career, I have to start all over again and it's scary. So, I've been researching for a few months and honestly, every job sound boring or something that I will not be good at or like to do. I just kept thinking to myself, I want to be a damn writer/journalist, my dream job is to write about relationships or travel, it's been my dream since I was 12 but I know being a writer does not pay for my lifestyle. How in the hell will I afford Kate Spade purses and Express jeans on a writer's budget?

So, since thinking about my future has depressed me, I've decided to play a little game called 'If I was rich' and find a ridiculous house I'd live in. I was too lazy to look up clothes (don't judge me, planning your fake future is tough).

[Source] bad ass house in California, no idea where it is but I've decided if I was rich, I'd probably be a lot more insufferable than I already am. I literally had this conversation today, I'd probably have my employees do my bidding for me. Nothing bad, just telling people off for me, sometimes it gets exhausting insulting people when they wrong me, so, I figured I'd probably pay someone for that. My best guy friend said he'd probably start drama amongst his "friends" and spread stuff. We were pretty bored on Skype.

The bed is where Theo James and I would live forever and ever. I'm really embarrassed that I'm saying this out loud but I don't care He's a gorgeous man.

My future life would involve me being a travel journalist, writing about Aruba, living the dream. I'd probably shop all the damn time because nothing is more awesome than buying stuff from foreign countries. "Damn, Ash, that dress is on point, where did you buy it from?" Roll eyes, "Sweetie, I bought this from South Africa and it was handmade for me. Sorry." Not sorry. I told you, I'd be hella impossible to deal with. I'd have a maid to clean after me, I've decided in real life I'd probably get a maid mostly because I have ADHD sooo cleaning is not my thing. And I'd just be awesome. My dream life sounds so sweet, honestly, so far, nothing compares. For now.

What's your dream life? What would you do? Do you think you'd be a douchebag like I think I would be?'re welcome! -------------->


  1. I'm an asshole and I have no money, so I don't imagine having cash to spare would change me all that much :P

    1. Hahaha, probably not! It'd prob just make you happier! :)


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