Thursday, April 17, 2014

Of Online Psychos & Virtual Love

Yesterday was the turning point of my online dating career.

I call it a career because it seriously feels like a full time job. I have to spend several hours and days speaking to these men only to realize I'm not attracted to him or I'm not his type, he's not looking for a girlfriend but a hookup. It's exhausting.

Yet, I still continued to online date, I usually have a great experience or I get a free dinner and it's usually really good. Last date I went on he took me to a sushi spot and I probably stayed with him for a month for the food. He really enjoyed food like I did or at least appreciated but yesterday...yesterday was just weird.

Imagine sitting at work, you're thinking about how you're going to pass this DANTES exam on Organizational Behavior.  You couldn't care less about Marlow's theory and all you want is those 3 credits, but you have to either take the class or study really hard. So, you're studying and talking to your coworker about shopping suddenly you get a phone call from a Private Number aka Blocked. Which is abnormal, most smart people know that you don't ever answer your phone but this one time you've decided to answer your phone. And you get a phone call from someone acting like they work at Plenty of Fish, saying there's a lot of complaints that your profile is fake, do you have any proof, blah blah blah and if this happened to you, you'd hang up. Which I did.

It was weird. It unnerved me for hours on in, I knew it wasn't a representative of Plenty of Fish because one, it's a free site, honestly, they wouldn't have enough time to answer to fake complaints, second of all, I'm pretty sure they send emails out. Anyway, I knew it was someone that I used to talk to on POF, whom I blocked from my phone ages ago because he was just weird. If I didn't respond to him within two hours, he'd flip out and asked if I made him mad, he'd send me pictures of himself the SAME PICTURE OVER AND OVER saying how much missed me. Did I mention I've never met him? I figured that I owe him no sort of explanation on why I'm done talking to him because I've pointedly told him over and over I had a job, I'm busy, stop calling me pet names. It was just creepy and I felt so creepy talking to him. I knew I had to block him from my life. He also ironically tried texting me, calling and messaging me on POF that day so it didn't take a genius for me to figure out who it was.

I just thought it was weird and pathetic to call me from a blocked number saying he worked for POF. I mean super creative, but is it that serious? If someone stopped talking to me, I'd just leave them alone like okay obviously he doesn't like me.

It's clear there are weirdos out there who don't agree. It kind of made me step back from online dating because in my heart, I knew I just am tired of dating. It took one creepier to make me wake up and realize that.


  1. Yea ... he's a real creeper! Guys just don't know how to take hints, which is sad cause then they start moaning about "good guys finish last" and "she friend zoned me"! Ha. Either way, good luck on your test and I'd permanently block him on POF if you haven't already.

    1. Omg, right? I love "Nice Guys", they always take things to the next level and become creepy stalker dudes. Nagl!

  2. This is happening to me right now! Well, kind of - I've deleted my OkCupid account, but when I used to go on it, it would say that I was online and he wouldn't stop messaging me stupid nonsense. Like seriously, if I don't reply the first time, I ain't gonna reply now!

    He followed me on Instagram recently and has started sending me direct messages. Need to block him. He's so weird :| I'm sure he's nice, but he needs to learn to cool it.

    1. Damn really? Instagram? He has an issue and is a weirddoooo


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