Wednesday, May 26, 2010

This Cold Has Rendered Me Senseless

Dear Cold,

Eff you, eff you, eff you. Not only have this cold kept me up at night from coughing, wheezing, not breathing and anything over and under, oh yeah, and between, this cold hasn't even gotten me out of work. How useless is this being sick thing? I mean, if I'm going to be kept up all night, hot sweats dripping all over my cute comforter set, it could AT LEAST, get me out of work. It's the polite thing to do.

And now that I'm the subject of polite things to do, wouldn't it be polite for dudes, you know, dudes who stare blatantly at me (or any girl who's in this position or another dude) to at least say, 'Hey, my name is' don't you think that um hey, maybe I'm not a mind-reader, maybe my smiling at you is my smile saying "um hey talk to me", so, maybe you should like um, hey? talk to me? What a relief, I can't believe I used common sense when dealing with this situation. Nothing peeves (and flatter me unless you're grotesque) when I'm walking out a building or something, the guy is walking in front of me and keep looking back, doing double takes, triple takes, um, hello, everybody knows that if the girl chases, that's it, the guy is no longer interested. No, thanks, my ego have taken enough bruising, being thrown underneath the bus and ridden over that I can take in the past two years.

Oh other hand, I hate super forward dudes, not the ones who are shyly saying hi, HELL no, I'm talking about the ones who's calling me Mami (unless you speak Spanish-HOT but don't call me that, it's weird) when you don't even know my name or trying to get my number, hollaing it at me, facebooking me telling me that you're a twenty five year old boxer and looking for love (this is a true story, I wish I was lying). Seriously, there's cute forward, dipping your toes in the water and there's what thehell you're thinking forward, diving into the middle of the ocean without a life vest. Guys, learn your boundaries, no girl is going to be clambering trying to get with you unless you treat her with some sort of respect (and have some damn dignity).


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