Thursday, August 26, 2010


There has to be something in the water over here or I'm just really fucking awesome.

I'm going to go with something in the water despite the fact that I think I'm pretty awesome. Anyway, a couple post backs, I talked about a guy who called me nonstop over the course of a weekend. By the way, it ended up being eleven times that he called me, three more times after I posted. Now, I have a coworker sending me creepy messages, well not really creepy but obviously he's infatuated with me. Luckily, I haven't been at actual work since Saturday and just today (Friday morning) I've returned, well, since I haven't been at work I had no desire to check my email, finally I did and I was appalled, he sent me an email that was formatted into poetry saying that he missed me and count the hours until I'm back. I was hoping this was a joke until he came to my room one morning to give me back my ID card that I left at work over two days ago. Obviously, I wasn't too concerned about it but anyway, at six o'clock in the morning he brings me back my ID card, of course, I would be flattered and forever grateful if I didn't answer the door in my towel but it's common procedures to not knock on someone's door if you hear the shower running. So, I thought to myself, it's probably my suite-mate or her friend who would be the only person in my mind knocking on the door and not standing in front of the peephole. Plus, my suite-mate has a terrible habit of locking herself out of the room especially at that time in the morning. But nope, it was him..Swimfan (I'm calling him that). Ugh, I snatched my belonging out of his hand and slammed the door, hours later he sends me another message saying that he was sorry and that he didn't mean to grin when he saw me in the towel, blah blah blah. I honestly didn't read any of his emails because I've told him before that he wasn't my type! My type has finally gave me his phone number and made me promise to dance with him this weekend, not Swimfan, the creepy dude who wonders what my favorite food is and what I like to do. I used to think he was making conversation until this week.

I suppose this is kind of a serious post and honestly, I'm getting sick and tired of these guys taking their crush a step further than they should. The sad thing is, I'm not even nice to him when he speaks to me, I pretend I don't hear him and when he asks me questions, it's short, it's sweet. I really just don't know how some guys don't know when a girl not only don't like him but is in absolute agony when she has to be near him. That's how I feel when he's near, I despise him not because he's weird but because he skeezes me out, the way he talks about women are like we're objects just there for his sexual gratification, he's absolutely lazy and doesn't know anything about our job even though he's been there a year or two longer than me. Did I mention he one time asked me what would I do if I had a boyfriend into bestiality? Yes, legit question, I get it, he's awkward, he doesn't know how to speak to women and what to talk about but those are questions that do not need to be brought into the workplace. I really don't know what to do, my friends say report him, show my supervisor the emails and let them know that I've already told him I wasn't interested in him or ignore it because in one more hour, I will never work with him again. I'm so conflicted and just confused.

I don't get how people don't understand that I'm not attracted to that at all, I like to be respected, treated like a woman, a human being and I like a guy who isn't a total and complete creep.


  1. It sounds like u will have to be a little more forceful to show him you aren't interested! You could say something like "I like to keep my work and personal life separate, thank you."

  2. some guys are clueless. maybe you need a really mean friend to be your enforcer.

  3. Tell him straight up that you're not interested AND report him!

  4. I get this when i guy won't leave you alone even though you've made it clear your not interested in the nicest way possible but sometimes they don't take the hint anf you have to get nasty.
    Just send him an email saying F*** off or something similar or i will get a restraining order against you, i'm sure you will not hear off him again lol!!

  5. My sis always says, the worse you treat em the more they love you....this guy, however, sounds NUTS! Showing up where I live would be the absolute last straw, you might wanna report his ass.

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