Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't be Ashamed, It's Okay!

It's okay to date a guy solely because the guy you're truly interested in doesn't like you in that way. Hey, it could turn out to be a love match and when you tell the story to your kids, you leave out the fact that you dated him because of that reason. When they're around twenty two, tell them the truth, that's what my parents did. They've been married for thirty two years.

It's okay to be softspoken, that sucks that nobody can hear what you said, they wouldn't want to either because it's snide as Hell.

It's okay to obsess over guys with your suitemate until the wee hours in the morning and to realize that if you don't worry about them, date around then you've won in the end.

It's okay to run to the mirror the moment you see someone you like. Listen, if it was up to you, you'd be makeup less everyday wearing a doo-rag.

It's okay to try to think of ways to get out of something. Every day you have a new excuse and they're pretty good excuses.

It's okay to say, "I KNOW my professor didn't read my paper". Not only you wrote 9 pages out of 10, you receive a comment on your paper saying "you could be a writer". You received a 96% on your paper. Who is the professor fooling, she did not read that mess.

It's okay to text your friends saying that you've left to meet them up when you're still in bed, half asleep.

It's okay to say, SCREW IT and do you, boo boo!


  1. LOL i love youuu haha. I'm soft-spoken, i run to the mirror when i see my crush,i obsess over guys with friends, and i know for suure my professors never read my long ass research papers haha. you made this post for me i swear lol

  2. totally guilty of the last one about telling my friends I'm on my way! : )

  3. But is it okay to obsess about a dude while wearing a shower cap and curlers?

    ...not that that's me...

  4. haha I love it! I've been giving myslef permission to do a lot of things lately!

  5. this was hilarious, though i can't really relate to the stuff that involves being a girl in college.

  6. So, so true! Absolutely love it - and its something SO many more girls need to hear & beleive

  7. LOL...sooo true..and even when i'm still in bed, i tell anyone waiting for me that "i'm almost there"lol
    u r so followed! :)

  8. Hahahaha,love this post :D
    New follower :)


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