Friday, June 24, 2011

When Being Honest Bites You in the Face

I'm convinced that a lot of dudes are on some other shit. I really hate how they make it so obvious that they are hitting on you, but you have to foreign idiocy until they point blank say "so, what are you doing later?" You can't cut them short and say " dude, I know you want to feel all up on my booty but I'm going to have to halt you from all the bullshit you're going to spread because I do not want". Listen, as much as you want to stop them from finishing, two things are going to happen and none of them are going to happen the way you envision it.

Example one: You're trying to go home for the day and of course, you're the only one in the office with two creepy dudes you've known have been giving you the eye. Well, you thought that maybe it was the light (It's not, don't fool yourself, you're amazing) but it's not. Dude 1 comes to your desk and suddenly says "So, what are we doing later". Don't interrupt him before 'we', he's going to make you look at a dumbass. I don't know how it's possible, a dumb ass making the girl who's turning the guy down look like a dumb ass but it happens every time. He's going to say, "Oh hey, I was trying to be friendly" or "hey, I ask everybody that". Whatever, you know the truth, but now everybody is going to hear about how you flattered yourself when you thought (knew) he was into you. It's true, he was.

Example two: You're at the bar with your girlfriend. You're man-hating hard, some random dude comes up and offers you a shot. Of course, you're going to take it, drinks are like $9 dollars, you're a man-hater not stupid. So, you take the shot and suddenly this dude is trying to figure out what you're doing later. DO NOT DO THIS, I'M TELLING YOU, YOU WILL BE STALKED FOR-EV-ER. No joke. Do not say "Oh, I'm not attracted to you i.e. you're not my type". I promise, NO, swear, that this dude will reply back with this "Girl, I could make you fall in love with me." Like what? How is this guy going to make you fall in love with him? You're repulsed by him, he's 45 years old hitting on a 22 year old and yet, they are CONVINCED that they have the magic powers to make you fall in love.

I swear to you, I decided to be honest, cut the bullshit and let him know that, "you're a nice a guy, but no" and what do I get repaid with my niceness? Freaking thirty minute speech about how I don't know it yet, but I'm in love with him. Oh yeah, it has happened, I get drinks during it because I guess they think if I'm to the point of blacking out, I'll date them. Girls, we all know if you're so repulsed you're secretly vomiting in your purse, you ain't going home with him. Nah uh.

The moral of the story? Honesty is sometimes not the best policy.


  1. There should be a "so very true" button.

  2. Oh my god how much I hate the guys in example one! HATE THEM!!! The amount of times that has happened to be and I've felt like a proper fucktard, did I really imagine he was hitting on me? No he was...I'm confused...a guy friend basically did the same last night, he was trying to get me to let him stay round my room and I was basically through banter saying no...eventually he could see he was going nowhere, got pissed off and ended up insulting me, AS IF he would ever want to stay round mine...ergh men sometimes!

  3. Haha the bar description was hilarious!! So true. "You're manhating but not stupid." Classic. And ugh, guys are so irritating! Whenever you tell them they can't have something, they want it even more. If you were like, "oh yeah baby I'm so in love with you, you are amazing," he'd be like, "peace the fuck out."

  4. lmao! i know so many guys that are carbon copies of the first dude. stupid jerks!

  5. LMAO! preach :)

    Guys are really, really, slow. . like, maybe they're not dumb, but they don't use their brains to the max. I've heard guys say I don't know it yet but I'm in love with them before and I've laughed every time. I really think it's the rejection that keeps them going and that's really sad.

    I wish we could be honest with them and them just understand it and leave it alone *sigh*

    check out my blog if you get the chance :) we can do a follow for follow <3

  6. Guys like example two are the worst! They're the ones who don't take "i'm married" as an answer. They either say, "nah, you're not married." Me: "Uh...yeah dude, i am. Want me to call my husband?" or "We can still be friends." Me: "Umm...I don't want to be your friend."

  7. Hahahahahaha !!
    "Guys are really, really, slow. . like, maybe they're not dumb, but they don't use their brains to the max" +2

    Ps : Check out my blog if you have time.. It'd mean a lot to me :)

  8. hahaha- these are stories that make me happy I"m not currently "on the market." Sometimes guys just need a slap in the face I think. Or to take a hint.
    Good luck out there :)


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