Monday, January 16, 2012

Bitch Post!

Since I'm too lazy to write a legit post, here's the thoughts that goes through my head dailywell instances, whatever, this is a random post. 

1. Yesterday I was caught a reflection of myself in the mirror and I almost said out loud "wow, I guess I am really pretty". I decided to refrain from voicing my opinion out loud because people hate vain bitches.
2. It absolutely annoys me to NO end when people brag about themselves which is ridiculously ironic because of thought 1 but seriously? It's okay to brag on yourself every once in a while but if you're good at everything (Or so you say) what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in the Genius World Records of Awesome? Exactly.
3. My friend and I were talking about girls being so STUPID in relationships. Okay, if your boyfriend breaks up with you and tells you he never wants to marry you that broke up with you for a reason, MAYBE, MAYBE, you should stop talking him. Don't come to your friends and ask them what to do then get upset when they tell you you're being dumb. You weren't dumb the first time but if the second time comes around and you find text messages on his phone asking if "he can get it in with a seventeen year old" maybe you should cut your loses
4. A couple days ago, my dad interrupted my story and goes "no, seriously how do you have friends?". I had to explain to him that people value the truth and then he laughed. I had to laugh too because I think that all the time.
5. I'm never on time to anything (unless it's work), I really mean well, I swear. It's just that I can't be on time, I remember one time I was still skyping with my best friend and I told another friend I was on my way to her house, just stuck in traffic. Best excuse ever.
6. I don't know why but I always get really happy when a guy who's been messing with my relationships finally get engaged. I'm literally their number one fans, Hell, if they'd let me, I'd GO to the wedding to make sure that they're getting married. 
7. NOTHING turns me on more than a guy who knows how to spell. 
8. Facebook is not your diary. Do not post your life on your statuses because I will laugh then I will screen cap it, send it to my friends and laugh again. 
9. I did write a legit post a couple days ago but it was so beyond whining and pathetic, I HAD to delete it. Just because I got tamed doesn't mean I have to be some pathetic soul crying over posts every day. 

And there you have it, shit I've been bitching about since the holidays!


  1. Hahahaha.
    Some girls are seriously *so* dumb!
    Aww yeah, guys who've messed up and then change, it's sweet =)
    Guys who can talk correctly #WIN

  2. God BLESS iphone screen capture, because seriously, i take screenshots of ridiculous things that people say all the time. i don't know when people began thinking it was a good idea to air their dirty laundry on facebook!!

  3. YOur dad is funny! As for number three, we all been there, sometimes no matter how hard we try its hard to knock some sense into people!

  4. I know right! Ugh! Yeah guys who messed up and then change is sweet but guys who continuously lead a girl on? Not sweet lol

  5. Gauh sorry, I'm just getting a hang of this new comment server but you're right, guys who messed up and change is so sweet. 

  6. Omg, YES, I just read a Facebook status being like "you cheated on me but whatever, I'm moving on" um posting a FB status is NOT moving on!

  7. It's so sad, I'm kind of upset with my friend because she's allowing him to fuck her then fuck other people! She needs to be careful not only is that hurtful but he may catch something and give it to her. 


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