Friday, May 24, 2013

Que? Ramblings? Why, yes!

I have no idea what is going on nowadays, I don't know if I've lost my drive to blog or the lack of viewers have made me quit? No idea, probably just the lack of drive, I have ADD so most likely my ass found another hobby.

Moving on, so, I'm reviewing the UK driver's test thingy because GUYS, GUESS WHAT? I'm going to England, babbbyyy. I said it in a way that I'd say that I'm going to Vegas, which I kind of wish I was going to now. Mostly because the UK is cold as hell, oh lord, here I go again, nothing makes sense in this brain, especially when I'm Adderralless and I am because it's midnight. Anywho, I'm studying for this test and it makes NO sense to an American. What the hell is a slip road? I am pondering this, I'm still pondering this even though I google'd that bitch like no other and I'm still like but I'm kind of confused? Because it's confusing. Seriously, look at the picture I've posted and if you're American you'd be like what the fuck? If you're from Europe, you'll roll your eyes and be like "idiot, American" but I like to think that I'm a savvy American. I'VE BEEN PLACES, OKAY!

Anyway, everyone is always inquiring about my love life, but the most I got for you is that I managed to meet and hang out with a hipster, hang out, so, I went on a date with a hipster and I've decided, this black girl likes herself some hipster. I don't think he was a legit hipster, but all the signs were there.

Let me demonstrate:
  • He thinks the government is kind of like big brother....which is quite freaky.
  • We def had a debate in the bar about how the jail system is messed up. This is a legit, it was an hour long discussion. 
  • I asked him what he liked to do and he literally said he likes to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. I was quizzical but I was also super drunk, so I may have misheard him.
  • When I left the room, he was staying in, he gave a packet of tea when I just threw the tea in my purse, he offered me a container. FOR MY TEA. (At that point, I've decided I was in love-well heavily in like).
  • At one point of traveling, he tried to give me a pen, I have no idea why, when I refused it, he gave me a nickel. I felt like a weird prostitute. 
  • Flying he had his hair slicked, swooped to the side and wore a flannel button up with jeans. I wore leggings and a shirt.
Why did I like him? No idea, I just felt like he was just the coolest unlike the dude bros I usually date, he was actually intelligent and someone I could talk to. All the others I've dated, I feel like they were just idiots, my last boyfriend who I'm sort of friends with, he was kind of an idiot. He was an endearing idiot and had a lot of common sense, but he literally wanted me to make decisions for everything. I was never allowed a day where I could just let him make a decision, I loved it but now I think about it and I'm just like this dude is easily swayed. I mean, it's obvious now, he figures that if he can't continue on his path of life, he'll just open a bar....IN OKLAHOMA. Which isn't funny now because of what happened recently, but it still doesn't make sense, does he not know that Oklahoma is in the bible belt? 

So what does this means? Nothing, just Harry Potter length drivel about nothing.


  1. Anyone who offers up tea as a barter for sex has got to made of some kind of awesome. I approve and wait with baited breath for the next instalment of your hipster-dating adventures.

    1. Girl, I hope I can find myself another hipster, it's kind of hard since I'm not hipster quality but I'm sure England has a hipster in every corner drinking a latte at Starbucks.

  2. SLIP ROADS?! What the heck is that? They look dangerous and confusing! I could just see myself sitting at the end of one of those little roads which dead ends into another road that dead ends into another road with cars zooming and sobbing while everyone honks their little english horns at me! Horrifying!

    P.S. Good move holding off on the pen and out for that nickel!

    -Marion over at

    1. Girl, every day I'm praying, I haven't started, I've been studying this test like a crack addict but I don't know!! Haha!


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