Sunday, March 30, 2014

Drugged Up & Flawless

After another stint in the surgical ward, I am now the new owner of a seven pound medical boot that is hideous and hard to walk on. I am also part of the Crutches R Us club as well, so, if you're wondering how my week has been, I'd like to say, hazy and all over the place. I've never received so many pity stares in my life (when I decide to venture out into the world) and hear so many hushed voices saying 'oh, bless her soul, I wonder what happened'. The Air Force happened. Moving on.

So, since my surgery Tuesday I've had nothing but time. Granted, I'm on Percocet so when I am up, I am slurring, I don't make any sense, sentences are constructed weirdly (I'm on Percocet now, so, if I stop making sense to you, just shhhh). It's all kinds of weird, but it has gotten me out of work until the 9th of April, so, I just kick back and watch MTV all day. I've realized how I'm totally addicted to Are You The One spent about three hours drugged up googling if these people are still together. I've gotten NO results back so I have to be sitting on the edge of my seat and hoping the 1st hurry ups. I've Skyped with numerous friends I've put on the back burner which isn't my fault, they should blame life not me. Life happened, I just kept moving with it and I've actually opened my Statistics Dantes book today. I was so proud, I could cry, I've been through three containers of tea, went through a whole 24 pack of water. I even briefly thought about spring cleaning my house and throwing away all the clothes I don't wear. It was a very proud moment, granted, I can't stand for too long, so that was a dream in itself but it was a wonderful thought.

Did I mention, I've only been on bedrest since Tuesday? I've eight more days to go? I wonder all that I can accomplish, but I've decided to go back to my blogger home and lay here. Starting a new following is way too hard and I might as well expand from the following I do have. Starting something new isn't always too great, but I am back, back again, Ashley's back, tell a friend. Not sure how many times I've said I was back and disappeared again, but this is a good sign, I've made THREE posts since the beginning of this month.

That's what I call progress!


  1. Damn, girl. What happened to your leg? (I know you said Air Force happened, but yeah lol)

    You still get to be off work, though! Wish I could be. My friend is obsessed with Are You The One? I need to see what all the fuss is about, haha.

    1. There was a ball of excess fluid in it, making my ankle hurt doing pretty much anything including rest. The surgeon had to remove it. Thank you for asking!

      You need to watch it! It's so ridiculous and trashy! I love it.

  2. Gotta love those narcotics! When I was on Oxy I could barely type, so good on ya for blogging through the haze :)

    1. Haha, for some reason Percocet has the opposite effect, I can't sleep on it but man, I get some great ideas!


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